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Updated: Jul 21, 2022

The annual meeting of the

Cherokee Meadows Road Association (CMRA)

Saturday, July 23, at Station #2 LFPD on CR 80C


  • 11:30-12:30 PM Potluck. (Please bring a dish to share. Board members will provide drinks and table service.)

  • 12:30-2:00 PM Business Meeting

  • 2:00-2:45 PM Fire Wise Presentation


  • Call the Meeting to Order – Janet Gibbs

  • Opening Remarks – Janet Gibbs

  • Roll Call and Determination of Quorum – Kathy Orloski

  • Approve 2021 Annual Meeting Minutes – Kathy Orloski

Members: Prior to the meeting, please review the minutes from the 2021 Annual Meeting. You will be asked to approve them at the meeting. They can be found on the CMRA website at or downloaded below.

  • President’s Report – Janet Gibbs

  • Vice President’s Report – Deb Durand

  • Update on proposed revisions to bylaws Treasurer’s Report – Janet Gibbs

  • Gift Card Drawing – Dan Miller

  • Roads Report – Scott Shovea

  • Grazing Lease – Kathy Orloski

  • Pasture grazing assessment – Kathy and Curt

  • New Business: Announcement of Directors

  • Fire Wise Presentation – Jan Jervis, Jennifer Wright

  • Adjourn

Attached below are the following documents that will be reviewed during the business meeting:

  • 2021 Annual Meeting Minutes. Also found on the CMRA website at

  • 2022 Budget and other financial data

  • Summary of proposed changes to the CMRA bylaws

  • Summary of the pasture grazing assessment project

CMRA 2021 Annual Meeting Minutes
Download PDF • 146KB

Treasurer's Report CMRA 2022 Annual Mtg
Download PDF • 128KB

Historical Financial Data CMRA 2022 Annual Mtg
Download PDF • 89KB

Bylaws Notes CMRA 2022 Annual Mtg
Download PDF • 113KB

Grazing Assessment CMRA 2022 Annual Mtg
Download PDF • 13KB

2022-2023 board members:

  • Deb Durand – term ends 2023

  • Janet Gibbs – term ends 2023

  • Kathy Orloski – term ends 2023

  • Curt Palin – new term ends 2024

  • Julie Schott – new term ends 2024

  • Scott Shovea – term ends 2023

We would like to thank Gary Burk for his service on the Board. Gary and his family recently moved out of the community, and he had to resign from the Board. We also want to thank Dan Miller for his service on the Board. Dan is stepping down at the end of his two-year term. Curt Palin was appointed in 2021 to fill a vacancy and is willing to serve another term.

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting!


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