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Board Changes

Gary Burk stepped down from the President position in April 2022 due to his family moving out of state. Below is an updated list of current Board members and officers.

o Janet Gibbs, interim President

o Deb Durand, interim Vice President (a new position)

o Scott Shovea, Road Manager

o Kathy Orloski, Secretary/Grazing Manager

o Curt Palin, Road


o Dan Miller, Road Committee

Will the CMRA roads be plowed if we get over 6” of snow this weekend?

The need for plowing will be assessed as the storm progresses. Plowing can damage the road during spring storms, when the road can become muddy from rapidly melting snow.

Who to call if the gate stops working?

o Scott Shovea 970-227-5247

o Dave Herder 970-420-5673

When will the cattle arrive?

The cattle are scheduled to arrive on/about July 1, 2022.

Grazing and pasture assessment.

The CMRA Board is working with the federal Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) to conduct a range/pasture assessment. Mr. Shawn Sabo from NRCS will be here on June 9-10, 2022, to collect information on the native grasses on lots that participate in the grazing lease. He will analyze the data and provide information

on the health and carrying capacity of the CMRA lands. Cattle grazing generates revenue for the road association, mitigates fuels for wildland fire protection and maintains the agricultural zoning status of our properties which results in lower property taxes. More details of the June 9-10 work will be sent in a separate email.

When is the annual meeting?

The annual meeting will be held on Saturday July 23,

2022 and will begin with a potluck at 11:00am. There will be two board vacancies to fill, please consider serving on the board – we need your help! More information to follow soon.

Road maintenance work.

Stan Brown will be grading the roads soon, to take advantage of the good moisture with this storm.

The Board is in the process of updating our current bylaws.

We had hoped they would be ready by the Annual Meeting, but the changes are more complicated than we anticipated. We will provide an update on these changes at the Annual Meeting.


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