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Grazing Information

Grazing Lease

Full lease available upon request

Grazing Lease: The Association enters a grazing lease each year, with a responsible, insured rancher, that allows a specific number and type of cattle to graze on unfenced Association property from approximately June through December each year. Grazing cattle mitigate wildfire risk by reducing the height of grasses. The Association is notified via email each year of the dates of arrival and departure of the cattle. The income from this lease is used to offset the cost of maintaining the CMRA roads, fences, mailboxes, and community projects, as needed. You are responsible for installing and maintaining fencing capable of excluding cattle from all or parts of your property if you wish to do so, including gates and/or cattle guards. Please understand the type of property and fencing your property has so you are not surprised! If your property has a natural spring or creek, please consider fencing that allows cattle access to water. The benefits to our Association of grazing cannot continue if there is not adequate water for the cattle.

Agricultural Tax Certification: Every year, the Association must certify to Larimer County a list of properties that participate in the agricultural tax status with the grazing lease. Properties that maintain more than 51% of their property unfenced and available for cattle grazing are eligible to participate and receive lower “agricultural property tax” status with the county.

2022 Grazing assessment

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